Whether you are here in town for work or for play, should you feel the desire to get your workout on, you have a place you can lovingly call home.

What do you need to do?

1. Send us a message – so we can be expecting you! Contact Us

2.Check out our location & parking directions – so you know the best places to park.

Parking Info
  • Street Parking on Hamakua ONLY!
  • We’re located behind Lanikai Brewing (we face the beautiful green hills)
  • There’s no parking beside the building, those spaces are reserved for other businesses


Have minimum of 1 month CrossFit experience.

$25 / session

$75 / week

"When searching for the best CrossFit gym on Oahu, the initial appeal to CrossFit Kailua is its stunning views.  It literally is the best place in the world to take a CrossFit selfie.  As a three week drop-in I have realized the gym is way more than just views.  The coaches are inviting, knowledgeable and professional.  The members make you feel part of their community and want to get to know you.  Socializing and meeting friends is easy when you’re at CrossFit Kailua.  There is a wide range of athletes at this box, so you will be comfortable whether you’re a pro, mediocre, or beginner.  As you continue to drop in daily you realize this is the best part of your day!  And lastly, what better way to get to know the area than connecting with the most badass people in the area.  They will offer up the best places to hike, eat, drink, you name it. "
Scott M. 
"Visiting Kailua after living here for 5 years but being away for 8, I was eager to find a CrossFit gym to frequent for the 2 weeks we were on Island. CrossFit Kailua has developed quite a reputation reaching all the way back to the mainland so it was an easy choice to give a shot. When we dropped in both the staff and the members went out of their way to welcome us warmly. The programming was on point- both challenging and well explained and coached. We ended up buying a pass for the whole trip and went every single day. It was the BEST way to start our day. My husband came with me every morning, which was a surprise to me! It really was a testament  to the awesome vibe and excellent workout at CF Kailua. I have been doing CrossFit for a while now, and I have been to many different boxes around the globe, this one absolutely makes the top of the list. Do yourself a favor and come hang with this great group of people and get sweaty!!"
Heather H. 
"I travel to Kailua 3-4 times a year and always buy the week pass as a drop in for Crossfit Kailua. I’ve traveled to boxes around the world and this one is hard to beat. Everyone is very welcoming, the workouts are killer, and the views are incredible (helps you grind!). If you are on Oahu, definitely stop by here for a ton of fun!"
Ryan J. 

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